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books off@-15 price_INR 2386
Class Fourth (IV th) CBSE NCERT e-Course

Class Fourth (IV th) CBSE NCERT e-Course

books off@-15 price_INR 2386
Short Description:
Class Fourth (IV th) CBSE NCERT USB Pendrive Course (Engilsh Maths Hindi Evs) with FUN Songs Plenty of FUNSHEETS All Lessons are Interactive Multimedia Video Lessons with multiple Questions on the basis of CBSE Evaluation Blue Print

Product Description

  • Engilsh,Maths,Hindi & EVS .with FUN ,Songs & Plenty of FUNSHEETS. Full of 2 D &3D animations, graphics, voice-overs, streaming audio & video, Plenty of Rhymes,Songs ,Fun, exhaustive question banks in the Form of Worksheets /Funsheets & interactive Fill in the Blanks , Crosswords. On each topic /each Subject .Total Contents available are _290 TOPICS & chapters.
  • High quality content by Teachers, Resource Persons. It is easy to understand and remember, you can revise faster.
  • Format: Pen Drive/USB, Language: English, Valid Upto: life-time Active
  • Video can run on any laptop/computer also can be configure windows operating system.
  • Exam Attempt Year: 2020, Topics Covered: All Topics/Subjects of CBSE/NCERT Syllabus with plenty of Reference Materials FOR -Engilsh,Maths,Hindi ,& EVS

 Class Fourth (IV th) CBSE NCERT

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