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books off@-15 price_INR 2136


books off@-15 price_INR 2136
Short Description:
Class LKG-CBSE/NCERT .USB Pen Drive Course- Engilsh,Maths,Hindi & Evs.with FUN ,Songs & Plenty of FUNSHEETS.All/each Lessons are Interactive Multimedia with multiple Questions on the Basis of CBSE Evaluation Blue_Print

Product Description

  • Engilsh,Maths,Hindi & Evs.with FUN ,Songs & Plenty of FUNSHEETS. Full of 2 D &3D animations, graphics, voice-overs, streaming audio & video, Plenty of Rhymes,Songs ,Fun, exhaustive question banks in the Form of Worksheets /Funsheets & interactive Fill in the Blanks , Crosswords_ of each topic /each Subject .Total Contents available are _170 TOPICS & chapters.
  • High quality content by Experts, Teachers, Resource Persons. It is easy to understand and remember, you can revise faster.
  • Format: Pen Drive/USB, Language: English
  • Video can run on any laptop/computer also can be configure windows operating system.
  • Exam Attempt Year: 2020, Topics Covered: NCERT/CBSE syllabus based all Chapters/topics of the Mentioned Subjects


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