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HomeKitchen off@-50 price_INR 940
Milton E-Elite Spin Mop

Milton E-Elite Spin Mop

HomeKitchen off@-50 price_INR 940
Short Description:
Spotzero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop with Bigger Wheels and Plastic Auto Fold Handle for 360 Degree Cleaning (Aqua Green, Two Refills). Top Details Compare Questions Reviews About this item From the manufacturer Important Features Microfiber cleaning technology Superior water absorbency Non-abrasive lint free Covers a larger surface area Equipped with wheels 360 degree mop handle Comes with 2 microfiber refills Spotzero Elite Spin Mop by Milton – Advanced Cleaning Equipment for Urban Spaces Keep your home or office squeaky clean with Milton's Spotzero Elite Spin Mop. The microfiber cloth has superior water absorbency and additionally, it is non-abrasive and lint-free. The mop covers a large surface area effortlessly and the 360 degree mop handle makes it easy for you to reach the corners of your room. Since the Elite Spin Mop is equipped with large wheels, it can be easily pulled around without much effort which reduces physical exertion. Microfiber Cleaning Technology This spin mop set comes with a microfiber cloth which is non-abrasive and lint-free. Additionally, the spin mop set comes with a refill of the microfiber mop head for easy replacement when the existing mop head wears out. Twin Bucket System This Spotzero Elite Spin Mop from Milton comes with a twin bucket system – one of which can be used for drying the mop, the other can be used to dip the mop into soap water. Additionally, the set has a water outlet which drains out dirty water. 360 Degree Mop Handle Clean your house in a hassle-free manner with this spin mop system that comes with a 360 degree mop that rotates to enable you to reach the farthest corners of the room, underneath your furniture and all the other tricky areas. Equipped with Big Wheels This spin mop bucket is equipped with big wheels that make the portability of this set an easy task. Embrace cleanliness and stay in a hygienic environment with this Spotzero spin mop set from Milton. Extendable Mop Handle This Spotzero spin mop comes with an extendable mop handle which lets you adjust the height of your mop according to your requirements. You will not need to bend and strain your back with this ergonomically designed mop handle. Handle Lock System The mop handle of this spin mop set comes with a handle lock system which locks the height of the handle securely in place. Clean your house or office space comfortably with this user-friendly spin mop set from Milton. SEE LESS Description Elite spin mop comes with a microfiber refill which has the capacity to absorb 3 times more liquid than normal cotton and is more durable. User gets 1 additional free refill with this product. The Handle of the mop is durable and long lasting. The uniqueness of the product is the Bigger Wheels attched to the bucket of the which makes moving the mop very eaisly. Elite Spin Mop is the only mop in its categor which carries 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Elite Spin Mop handle is very sturdy and long lasting. The mop is 360 Degree movable and can perform deep cleaning. Bucket of the Spin mop is divided in 2 section for separate wringing and cleaning operation. Multipupose Use,The Elite Spin mop comes with a auto fold Handle to lift and move the bucket eaisly and a water outlet to remove dirty water.Please spin the mob handle when in unlock status so avoid usage concerns. Cleans Liquid, Oil, Dust, Hair & Bacteria.

Product Description

  • Spotzero- Elite Spin Mop with Microfiber Refill
  • Microfiber Cleaning Technology: Durable, Superior Water Absorbency, Non Abrasive Lint Free, Larger Surface Area, Environment Friendly
  • Bigger Wheels : To move on uneven Surfaces
  • 360 Degree Mop Handle ensure Quick and Deep Cleaning
  • 2 Microfiber refill and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Oval Bucket with Drainage
  • Extendable Mop Handle
  • Side Bucket Handle – To Slide The Bucket On Wheels

Product information Elite Spin Mop

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