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off@-15 price_INR 376500 smartdevice
SUZUION Platinum Digital Water Ionizer

SUZUION Platinum Digital Water Ionizer

off@-15 price_INR 376500 smartdevice
Short Description:
SUZUION Platinum Digital Water Ionizer

Product Description

  • Unit's originality in its technology and body designWhat is the benefit of ALKALINE WATER IOZNIER AMS4100S
  • Totally different from the traditional output flex steel hose.The powerful water ionizer benefits come from re-hydrating parched cells and re-balancing the bodies’ pH. These amazing Antioxidant properties are only found in Ionized Alkaline Water.
  • Easy use with handle dispenser when an unit operated.HYDRATE – Increase Your Ability to Stay Hydrated / ENERGIZE – Boosts Your Energy Levels
  • LCD color is varied according to the chosen pH level.FIGHTS FREE RADICALS – Protect Your Healthy Cells / DETOXIFY – Aid in Elimination of Toxins
  • ToucBuilt-In Water Supply Valveh ButtonLOWERS BODY ACIDITY – Balance Your Bodies pH Levels / RESTORES ELECTROLYTES – Replenishes Vital Minerals and Electrolytes

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